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Article 2 on 1958 Banyule Estate Subdivision

The newspaper clipping for the next article did not specify from which newspaper it came, but was dated 29/7/1958.

HEIDELBERG COUNCIL TOLD: Housing Scheme Could Wreck Plan for Future

A deputation of ratepayers last night told Heidelberg council that if they allowed Stanhill Pty. Ltd. to build inside the green belt, they would "put the seal of doom on orderly planning" in Melbourne.
Two weeks ago the council approved of a plan for Stanhill to develop the £3 million Banyule Estate, a rural area classified under Melbourne's master plan as a green belt area.
The company wants to built a 650-house estate on the area.
One member from East Heidelberg Progress Association, Mr. F. Bucknell, said his association was most conscious of the probable repercussions of the final decision council might make.
"We urge you to realise this is no mere parochial affair," Mr Bucknell said.
"Should the Stanhill application be approved, what attitude is be adopted to the next application, and the next, and the flood of others which would most surely follow?"
Mr. Bucknell said hundreds of similar applications by men of limited resources, had been refused.
"Now we have an organisation talking in terms of £3 million and its request is approved," he said.

Two Attitudes

"Is there to be one attitude for the poor and another for the rich?" he asked.
Speaking about the green belt, Mr. Bucknell added, "Surely we are all grateful for our inheritance, let us nurture the gifts from the past, and, by being men of vision, pass on to those who follow us a rare gift, which one false act could now utterly destroy."