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The Festival in Heidelberg Park in 1982.
History of the Heidelberg Festival and Banyule Festival
and Grand Parade down Burgundy Street.
Its March, which means it is festival time in Banyule and the Grand Parade down Burgundy Street. There has been a theme to each parade. The theme this year is "Our identity: Celebrating Who We Are".
The Grand Parade has its origins extending back to 23 March 1980, when it was part of the first Heidelberg Festival.
The idea for a Festival was first suggested by the Heidelberg Ethnic Council in 1979. The proposal was enthusiastically embraced by other local organisations and Heidelberg Council and it was decided not to restrict the festival to a solely ethnic theme.
At the time the Heidelberger newspaper reported "The whole idea was to bring the community together in one project", and in this spirit the first festival was titled 'Come One'N All'. From the beginning the festival has included a Grand Parade down Burgundy Street to Heidelberg Park.
Fifty groups participated in the first festival. The Parade included the Heidelberg City Band and mounted and motor cycle police. At the park there was a citizenship ceremony, billy cart races and 'Life be in it' games and many other activities.
Banyule Council
Following the establishment of Banyule Council, from 1996 the festival became the Banyule Festival. The festival was conducted in a partnership between the Banyule Council and a community committee, the Banyule Festival Inc. In the 1990's to early 2000's the festival ran for 10 days with festival activities also held in other areas of the municipality.
The 2019 Grand Parade and Kids Arty Farty Fest will continue the traditions of the past festivals where members of our community come together and have fun. The Grand Parade is sponsored by The Heidelberg Central Traders, and the day begins with food, performance and great vibes at 'Breakfast on Burgundy'.
Banyule Council webpage records "the Grand Parade is a family-friendly affair and welcomes participation from community organisations, schools, sporting clubs, businesses and any group in Banyule keen to embrace the spirit of community connectedness and creative imagination."
Parade, Burgundy Street in 1982
1999 Banyule Festival