Corona Virus Visits Heidelberg <

Corona Virus Visits Heidelberg 2020

The museum is closed. That has Happened before. When this photo was taken, it was not even a museum.<br>
The old roof was there, but the leadlight windows had gone. Burgundy Street is rather quiet. It is easier to drive right now. This photo shows how quiet it was in the 1920s. Can we learn anything from that? All this traffic, and that was only the 1960s. Do we have to return to that chaos? Many Gates are shut at present. Changes have happened before. We don't have fox hunts now, like this one at Viewbank. That's a good thing. Ladies and Gentlemen can't meet in large groups at present. Just Two People, like these two men at Heidelberg Park, can sit together in Public right now. Music lessons don't happen in groups now, but new technology helps young learners in new ways. There have been other disruptive problems here before. Floods in 1934 destroyed a scout hall near the Yarra. Many people lost jobs when the floods damaged the Heidelberg Gas Works, which are no longer there. Some things have remained over the years, such as the Love Trees in Heidelberg Park, but not the picket fence. St John's Church in the Park is also still there, although it's surrounded by newer buildings. But the Old Heidelberg Post Office in Burgundy Street has been replaced. The shop at the corner of Rosanna Road and Burgundy Street has been replaced by an office building. This is an early electric train at Heidelberg. Since then, they have changed in appearance several times. If you like our historical photos, you might consider joining the Heidelberg Historical Society.  Membership includes access to our on line photograph collection. Click <b>JOIN HHS</b> above.