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12th April 2021

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Heidelberg Historical Society

The Heidelberg Lock Up

Posted on Monday, 4th January 2021 by Janine Rizzetti

from our Facebook page December 5, 2020

Click here for the image of the bluestone lockup in Jika Street.

This photograph, taken prior to c.1960 shows from left, the bluestone police residence, weatherboard police offices and bluestone police cells in Jika Street Heidelberg.

From the 1860s to early 20th century, the Jika Street end of Burgundy Street was the civic precinct of Heidelberg with the police station, courthouse, shire offices and Presbyterian and Anglican Churches all in close proximity.

The police precinct was constructed c. 1860 as part of a wave of construction of police stations across Victoria. This complex of buildings was designed by acting Chief Architect James Balmain and was constructed at a cost of 1244 pounds by builders Amos & Co. 

The bluestone police residence still stands, but the weatherboard police offices and cellblock were demolished in the early 1960s when a new police station was built.

Image credit: Evan Luly, “Lock-up, Police Station, Heidelberg, Melbourne,” Melbourne History Resources, accessed January 4, 2021, https://omeka.cloud.unimelb.edu.au/melbourne-history/items/show/85.

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