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Truth, Beauty & Utility Exhibition now open

This exhibition traces the Arts & Crafts Movement, from the sudden craze for Japanese-inspired decoration in the 1880s to the non-historical ‘Art Nouveau’ of 1900, to the rugged Californian bungalow of 1920—all as seen in our local area.

‘Truth, Beauty & Utility’ is now open at the Museum and can be viewed on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Please note that for the remainder of 2021 the Research Room will not be open on Sundays due to density requirements. The Museum will be closed during December 2021 and January 2022.

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25th October 2021

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Heidelberg Historical Society

A socially distanced Olympic Games Village

Posted on Monday, 2nd August 2021 by Janine Rizzetti

See here for the image.

Probably social distancing would have been much easier at the Olympic Village during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games than in the multi-storey towers at Tokyo today.

This aerial view of the Olympic Village at Heidelberg West, still under construction, emphasizes the generous spacing around the accommodation. The curving road along the bottom and left of the image is Liberty Parade, and the inner radial road is Ramu Parade, although at the time it was called Elliot Parade. The dog-leg shaped road on the right of the image is Killerton Crescent, and it leads into what was then Lane Street, - now Morobe Street. The road on the extreme right hand bottom corner of the image is Southern Road. The large flat-roofed buildings are the dining halls, and there were to be more dining halls erected in the open space in the middle of the photograph. Along the top and left is farmland that later became the West Heidelberg Industrial area, with the La Trobe University site in the top left hand corner.

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