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Heidelberg’s Busy Bee Signature Quilt, 1895-96

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Neville Alan Rollason


Neville Alan Rollason, born February 1895, was the first child of local doctor Abel Rollason and wife Edith (née Sill), of Burgundy Street, Heidelberg. The Rollasons were members of St John's Church of England, Heidelberg. However Abel and his wife and her sister Amy were present at the 1897 anniversary celebrations of Scots Presbyterian Church, Heidelberg.

Further information

Edith Sill (1869-1958) was one of ten children of Heidelberg farmer, orchardist and market gardener Mark Sill (1818-1885) and his wife Elizabeth née Davidson (1833-1903).

She married local doctor Dr Abel Rollason (1865-1923) in 1893 at a service at St John’s Church of England, Heidelberg. Rollason was the Medical Officer in Charge at the Austin Hospital for Incurables. He served as a Shire Councillor, Heidelberg Riding, 1900-1915 and was Shire President 1904-5.

He purchased the block on the corner of Burgundy and Jika Streets in 1895 and later built a residence and surgery there.

Edith’s brother Henry Arthur Sill (1875-1949) is represented by [N13] while her younger sister Amy Phoebe (1871-1918) is represented by [N7].

In 1903 the then eight year old Master Neville Rollason was ‘train bearer’ at Amy’s wedding to William Henry Martin (1865-1937).

Neville Rollason enlisted in the Army at 19½ years old, serving during World War 1 at Gallipoli (wounded 1915) and on the Western Front (wounded 1916 in France), and rising to the rank of Captain. He was recommended for (but not awarded) a Military Cross.

He returned to Australia and arrived home just before Christmas 1918. Neville married in 1921 and his firstborn was a son.


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