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Please let us know if you would like a link to your organisation. Note that we have a list of all historical societies in Victoria that have webpages. Check on that list to see if you have been included. Some other links are listed below.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library.
Yarra Plenty Regional Library network has a substantial collection of books, documents, maps, electronic media related to local history. Ivanhoe and Eltham libraries specialise in local history.
Melbourne in 1945.
This site allows viewers to view a satellite image of Melbourne in 2015 and then float over it an equivalent view of the same places in 1945. You can get down to the detail of individual streets and even identify individual buildings. Dead fascinating!
The Public Records Office of Victoria
The Public Records Office of Victoria has records dating back to the 1830s.
Heidelberg Old Cemetery
The remains of the first cemetery in Heidelberg are located in Hawdon Street near St James Road.
Historical Societies Across Victoria - Websites
Over 100 web sites for local historical societies.
Please email us about others to add.
Wikipedia - History of Victoria
An account of Victoria's history, including the frequently neglected Aboriginal History. Wikipedia is "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" on line. This entry is relatively well referenced.
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The National Library of Australia's TROVE website has a vast collection of books, photographs, newspapers, government gazettes and other historical documents.
The Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
RHSV is an excellent source of information on Victorian history and lists many other Historical Societies. It is also a major supporter of historical societies across the state.
State Library of Victoria
Search for Heidelberg, Ivanhoe etc. Leads you to excellent photographs, including a lot that we don't have in our collection.
Picture Victoria
Access to historic Photographs held by libraries across Victoria.
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