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Acknowledgements to "Melbourne 1945" for the image above.

Melbourne 1945 is an excellent website that allows viewers to compare overhead views of Melbourne in 2015 with the same images in 1945. In the selection above, the small, white circular shapes are the gasometers, that were located near the corner of Dora Street and Banksia Street, Heidelberg. The north-south road is Rosanna Road. The streets on an angle are the familar diamond shape of Jika Street, with Burgundy Street proceeding into Heidelberg Park and Vine Street going to the right towards the dark line of trees forming the shape of the Yarra River.

Newspaper article, Mercury and Weekly Courier

Friday 13 May 1887 Page 3

At the Heidelberg Shire Council on Wednesday, letters were received from J. Coates and Co., gas engineers submitting proposals for the supply of gas for the shire. Another letter was received from Mr. Macmeikan, secretary of the Northern Gas Co., recommending the proposals made by Messrs. Coates & Co. It was explained that for a considerable time past the inhabitants of several of the northern suburbs, have pressed the Metropolitan Gas Co. to extend their gas mains, but in consideration of the enormously increasing consumption, within the city areas, has so taxed their resources that they are unable to extend their mains further; and as the Preston Council has granted permission to the Company to open their streets, they asked that the Heidelberg Shire Council should grant them the same powers. The estimated cost of gas for Heidelberg would be about 10s. per thousand feet. In answer to a question, Mr. Macmeikan explained that the gas mains would be extended to Ivanhoe and Alphington, if it could be seen that there would be any chance of obtaining a return upon the outlay.

Newspaper article, Evelyn Observer and South and East Bourke Record,

Friday 9 December 1887 page 2.

The ceremony of turning the first sod in connection with the Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Alphington, and Fairfield Gas Company Limited was performed on Monday afternoon, by the Hon. L. L. Smith Chairman of Directors, in the presence of sixty or seventy gentlemen interested in the undertaking.

The company has been formed for the purpose of supplying the districts mentioned with gas, and consists of 50,000 shares of £1 each, the first issue to the public being 30,0000. Of this number upwards of 20,000 have been taken up within a week and a premium of 1s a share has been put upon the remainder. The Company have the exclusive right of supplying the Heidelberg Shire for twenty-one years, the Council having the option of taking the works at the end of that period.

The contract for the erection of the works, laying mains &c., has been let to Messrs. Tipping and Wright for £16,600; the works to be constructed within nine months. The main works will be erected in Yarra Street, Heidelberg, where an excellent site has been secured; but a second, gasometer will be placed at Alphington, in order that a good pressure may always be obtained.

The price has been fixed at 9s per 1,000 feet. Messrs. Tipping and Wright, contractors, presented the Hon. L. L. Smith with a silver spade (the first ever manufactured in the colony), and before the accustomed performance of turning, the sod was commenced, that gentleman took the opportunity of announcing the prospects of the company.

At the close of the ceremony the company adjourned to the Old England Hotel, where a substantial repast had been spread. The Hon. L. L. Smith occupied the chair, and proposed the toast of "The Heidelberg Shire Council." Mr. P. W. Smith, President of the Shire, responded, and said that now that the supply of gas was certainty, and railway communication, would be afforded to the inhabitants within two months, all that is required to make the place perfect is the extension of the Yan Yean, and he had good grounds for saying that, if an effort to obtain it was now made, he was certain it would meet with success. Councillor Davey proposed "Prosperity to the Company," which was replied to by Mr. E. King of Carlton, and Councillor Wimpole, of St. Kilda. The toasts of the "Visitors," "Contractors," "Press" and "The Ladies" were proposed and responded to, after which the company separated.

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